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A personalized-according-to-your-needs-Wordpress plugin will not only make your site look cool and tech-savvy but will allow you to save header and footer space. Floating plugins are light-weighted and let your site run smoothly as opposed to the other stick-on plugins.

One of the best floating plugin available for WordPress sites is the ‘Floating Widgets’. Regularly updated, it is compatible up to 3.0.5. One of the most downloaded floating plugins, it lets you add a widgetized area on your webpage. It also includes the support for custom post types- a feature not supported by many other floating plugins available in the market. Since the widget does not control the functionality of the individual widgets making changes in their appearance or features is never a problem.

It works perfectly well with all WordPress themes available and is easily customizable. It is easy to install and has a great developer support. But the best thing about the plugin is that it is as great for a technological novice as for a plugin developer. Minor changes in the code will let you personalize the plugin as and when needed. There is no default native option of having widgets moved to a fixed position relative to that of the browser window of the reader, but can be easily done by introducing minor changes in your own script using the advanced mode of coding.

However, a major drawback is that the widget cannot be displayed on the home page. Another minus point is the fact that the widgetized area can only be added right before the content section or can be made to ‘float’ either on the right or left side of the webpage. But then again, no one really wants to get a floating widget right in the middle of the page.

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