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Estro Jquery Ken Burns Slider WordPress Plugin


Attention span of people surfing the internet is fast dwindling with the increasing speed of internet connectivity. This will pose an enormous challenge to internet marketers in the future. A company or individual needs to convey the uniqueness of his product and/or service in a few seconds. While this is a humungous task in itself, converting the casual visitor to a productive customer is even tougher.

Creating a website with only descriptive text will be boring. Various images, slideshows, and graphics can be added to the text using the Estro Jquery Ken Burns slider WordPress plug-in to arouse interest among people visiting the site or blog. Properly used, this plug-in will form the centre piece of your web project.

There is no need to make any changes to the code as a custom administration panel has been added that enables customization of the slider. The slides can be inserted using the drag and drop arrangement. There is facility for multiple slides insertion and skin selection.

This plug-in has several features like additional video playback function for YouTube and integration with the iPhone and iDevices that optimize the general performance. This plug-in is compatible with all the major browsers like Firefox, IE 7 and 9, Opera, Chrome, and safari and mobile platforms as well.

The slides are SEO optimized as they use only valid HTML5 markup. Animated popup thumbnail preview is an available option. Quick referencing is possible as visual help documentation has been included in the admin panel. There is a guide available in the help documents that will help you at every step in creating and inserting the slider into your page easily.

Images can be inserted using the WordPress media uploader or by pasting the URL. The slide hyperlinks are Lightbox compatible and there is a feature that enables quick editing of the slides.

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