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The WordPress security scan monitors the WordPress websites and blogs for potentially dangerous programs and breach of security functions. It also suggests remedial measures such as those related to:

  • The password of the user
  • Permissions before downloading or saving any file
  • Strengthening of the security of the Database
  • Hiding or blocking harmful versions of program files
  • Enhancing protection of the Administration Panel and securing it from external threats
  • Eradicates the WordPress META tag from the core of the code

The requirements for installing such plug-ins are very basic in nature:

  • Version 3.0 of WordPress and higher versions tested as well
  • PHP5 which is tested with the PHP interpreter

The best Plug-in in this category is Wordfence Security. It is an open venture which includes a firewall to block harmful programs and also an anti-virus feature to check for potentially dangerous Trojans and cookies in WordPress sites. This plug-in is compatible with multiple websites. The support for this plug-in is currently in BETA format. It also comes with a customer query forum for users to report complaints or solve problems regarding the plug-in. The features of plug-in are as follows:

  • Conducts regular scanning of the core files to check for their reliability and protect against depository versions
  • Compatible with multiple sites, including WordPress and is currently supported in BETA format
  • Conducts detailed scans of posts and comments in various Admin panels
  • The provision of the API key enables it to scan files and folders for depository versions
  • Monitors repairing of files and also conducts repairing processes for damaged files which might be a threat to the security of the site
  • Continuously checks for malwares and viruses in comments and posts made by the user
  • Maintains the overall strength user and administration accounts and passwords to enhance the security of log-in processes.

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