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Admin Management Extended Plugin

Admin Management Extended Plugin

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Admin Management Extended is one of the many admin plugins that are supported by the WordPress platform. Admin plugins are basically those plugins that allow operations and extra functions to take place through the admin window. Admin management is the technique of monitoring the working of web pages and posts and subsequently working towards improvement of the same from different angles.

It is a very important concept because of the fact that it allows effective monitoring and managing contents of websites and pages/posts. Of the many admin plugins, the Admin Management Extended Plugin is amongst the most commonly used ones. The plugin has been designed to work on WP v 3.2 or higher.

It comes with added features and unique icons that help in cogently managing various aspects of a WordPress website or blog. Various aspects like reloading pages/posts, toggling page visibility etc. are made much easier with the AJAZ- CMS guided management panel. Enhanced functionality has been thoroughly guaranteed.

The main features of the Admin Management Extended Plugin are as follows:

  • Visibility of pages and posts can be toggled with just a single click.
  • Posts and Content can be quickly edited without having to navigate different pages or open new tabs and windows.
  • Pages and posts can be completely customized by effective integration with different plugins.
  • The status of comments can be controlled in management view
  • The visibility of links can be toggled as per requirements.
  • Taxonomies can be quickly edited with a single click.
  • Time and date settings can be easily changed at will with a single click.
  • Changing post orders, link categories, media orders and descriptions, all these can be done without any difficulty.
  • Tags and order of pages can be controlled in accordance with necessities.

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