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Wordpress Events Calendar Plugin

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Organizing events is part of the work routine of most modern day business managers or owners. Every event is a challenge in itself and proper planning in advance is required to ensure that it is a success. The events calendar WordPress plug-in is packed with wonderful features that make the job of organizing an event that much easier.

Events calendar WordPress plug-in offers an easy method to add dates of an event to a blog post and later post that event in the suitable category. The events are arranged in date order and removed automatically after the date has passed. This makes it easy for readers to find and keep track of your events.

This plug-in has a feature by which you can send invitations to the event attendees requesting them to add a reminder of the events to their own calendars. The category shortcode name can be simply added to the CSS. Events can be displayed in custom colors. This plug-in offers the facility of setting up multiple calendars in various pages of your website for different categories of events.

This plug-in makes the WordPress events calendar a comprehensive event management system. Default templates like calendar grid, event list, and widget are available with this plug-in. It can be integrated with Google maps. The event schedules and sale of tickets can be successfully managed with events calendar WordPress plug-in.

It can be used for a one off event or recurring events. Customization is possible due to the availability of extensive template tags. Users can be updated about your events with the help of ICAL and GCAL feed.

Users can modify events or change all the calendar options with this plug-in. There is an option to disallow the creation of past events. The plug-in allows you to view activity report of current month’s events distribution by category.

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