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For those, who consider blogging a passion for them, the WordPress spam filter plugin is an essential tool. If you are a blogger, whenever you update your blog, you are eager to obtain feedback in form of comments from others. But when you find that someone has posted an irrelevant comment on your post with an object of promoting his plan or his business, you get annoyed. Such comments are stains on the blog.

The WordPress spam filter helps you avoid such comments from degrading the quality of blog post. It provides you the option, whereby you can check spam box of your blog and disapprove the comments that seem to be spam to you. This facilitates the complete blockage of the comment spam. The need of this plugin arose in order to check handle huge visitor traffic, and tackle huge spam attacks.

A spam, in simple words, means and involves use of electronic messaging systems in order to send unsolicited bulk messages, especially advertising. The WordPress plugin performs the function of automatically blocking 100% of automated comment spam. Also, this plugin has the local and global manual spam and ban policies, which are set with local IP address blocklist and remote IP address blocklist, respectively. Even under the heaviest spam conditions, there is negligible database load. The results of this plugin are devoid of false positives.

This plugin also provides the option to strip HTML from comments. The WordPress users do not have to be hindered by the requirement of CAPTCHA, which is required to assure that responses have been generated by a person. You can save your time and money by not wasting you precious time in the task of emptying the comment spam folder. In a nutshell, this plugin fulfils the goal of WordPress of assuring a spam-free blogging.

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