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Threader plugin uses the regular WordPress comments and creates a very simple guestbook or a very simple forum. It is very convenient to install and run this plugin, at the same time you can easily unplug it. It uses all standard WordPress tables and the administration is a breeze. This plug is available in two languages, English and Swedish. The download version is 1.00, compatible up to WordPress 3.3.2. It has an extremely impressive rating of five stars.

For installation, you need to place the package that contains all the files in the Threader folder, in the plugins subdirectory. Then you have to choose Plugins which is in the Admin menu, search for Threader Plugin and activate it. For creating the simplest guestbook, you have to create a page with this in the body, and you may place it somewhere in the menu. For a comprehensive manual, check http://birchware.se/Wordpress/threader/. It has been created by Birchware.

WordPress Guestbook Generator Plugin

It is a version 0.8 created by Andrew dela Serna. It is compatible only with WordPress 2.1. There are no files to edit. You need to just upload, activate and run. Your current theme will be easily integrated by the Guestbook template. If you want to change the themes, you need to just run the generator and create necessary files. The entries in this plugin are arranged in an order, from the latest to the oldest. It is just like a true-blue guestbook.

The installation is extremely simple. Download plugin from alleba.com. You have to extract and then upload the archive contents to ‘yourserver.com/wp-content/plugins/guestbook-generator/’. Now, login, go to admin panel and search for the Plugins. Then activate this plugin. To create your guestbook, visit options and find Guestbook Generator.

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