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To know more about the author, author profiles at the end of the post are useful. Search engines use author profiles to recognize users and link users to post articles. Authors get the deserved recognition and the users also may find it useful to know more about their favorite authors.

Custom About Author plugin recognizes the effort of the authors by displaying a brief biography about them in the post at the end. It is one of the ways to give the authors their credit. This plugin is convenient if there are multiple guest bloggers on your website and they don’t have a separate user account.

Another advantage this plugin gives is, the bloggers can write guest posts on your site. There is an option of creating multiple profiles and preference is shown over website user profiles. There is a provision to mention a specific profile for displaying in each post. There are totally configurable custom profiles. You can mention any HTML/text you want for display or can include links to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

For specifying a custom profile on the post, you have to simply create a custom field for post-author with the custom profile username value. Author’s profile is displayed at the end of the post. Without the need for matching the username of the post author, you can display any custom profile. There is an option to include social media buttons on custom profile or website profile. The custom profile is completely configurable.

For installation, you have to upload the folder, custom-about-author to the /wp-content/plugins/directory. Go to the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress and activate. It is a very easy and simple installation. This plugin has been given a rating of three and half stars and saw more than 10,000 plugin downloads so far.

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