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DMSGuestbook is a conveniently configurable guestbook which has many exciting and useful features. Front end attitudes like width of the guestbook, border color, text color are simple to work with. There is an extended possibility over the css file. You have the option of presetting DMSGuestbook caption text in different languages like English and German.

Each guestbook has been equipped with its own language template and you can create your own language template as well within minutes. You can fix compulsory fields the user has to fill up. You can also set the text hidden in the DMSGuestbook, for example in IP address. There is captcha anti-spam.

The DMSGuestbook user entries like message, name, IP address, URL can be managed. There is a sidebar widget. You can send email notification when you want to submit the guestbook post. The administrator can review all the posts before they are published. You can create your own beta version guestbook template as well. There is a Gravatar function included. In the version 1.13.0, you have the option of multiple guestbooks. In the version 1.14.0., a select box can be defined and filled up with you own data. In version 1.17.0., this plugin is like a Super Guestbook because one guestbook has the facility to function in more than one language.

It is a download version of 1.17.1 and compatible up to WordPress 3.4.1. It has been accredited with an impressive four stars. There are almost 225,000 downloads till now.

For installation, you need to download the DMSGuestbook. If any old DMSGuestbook plugin exists, you should deactivate it. Next, you need to unpack the file and copy the entire dmsguestbook folder to the WordPress plugins. Now you can activate the DMSGuestbook which exists in the plugin section of WordPress.

As this plugin can function in multiple languages, you need to download the di version for installing the di language plugin.

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