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AffiLinker is a name not to be missed in any discussion about affiliate link plugins. With this AffiLinker Affiliate plugin you can automatically convert the keywords into Search Engine Friendly Affiliate links all through the blog. The given key words are converted into profitable and interactive Affiliate links liked by your visitors.

These Affiliate links do not appear to other search engines like Google and would not attract penalty from Google. The Affiliate Links are dynamically created by using JavaScript and this is the reason why they are not seen on search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google.

Similar to Tag Cloud on the sidebar, you can show collection of Affiliate Links as Link Cloud at the footer of your WordPress blog. You can increase your blog income through AffiLinker. With this plugin you can add any URL and list of keywords. AffiLinker changes all the keywords into the given Affiliate link. There is a provision to modify the feel and look of each Affiliate Link that your visitors like to click.

Without touching any code, you can monetize your WordPress blog fast. It creates search engine friendly Affiliate links. You can modify each Affiliate Link with different color, Hover color, Hover Background color. The link can be in different style, italics or bold. There are 10 different underline styles available with every Affiliate link.

You can track the number of clicks on every Affiliate links, best performing keywords, and best performing blog pages or posts. You can hide lengthy and junk Affiliate Links into short professional link. This plugin permits only particular blog pages or posts to show the Affiliate Links. On the blog home page, you have the option to hide or show the Affiliate link. “No Follow” tag can be added or removed to every Affiliate Link.

All the functionalities of AffiLinker can be enabled or disabled. Premium features are also attached to this plugin. You have the option of managing unlimited number of Affiliate Links and keywords. It can identify priority keywords. You can customize the Affiliate link with various font names and font sizes.

This plugin requires 3.0 or higher version of WordPress. It is compatible upto 3.4.1. These plugins are priced at $17, $27 and $47, depending on the number of features and categories you choose.

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