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A Manual related links plugin is basically a plugin that that allows for making manual entries of links that are closely related to a particular WordPress blog or website. The application of such plugins has become very popular, especially when it comes to advertising affiliated posts and content. Sharing related content is the best way to increase crawl rate as well.

The Manual related links WordPress plugin is a popular plugin that allows links of closely related posts to be entered in a WordPress website or blog. With the growing demand for advertising, a link or URL to a post can be shared on any website. A WordPress version that supports the manual related links WordPress plugin is all that is needed. Basic programming in PHP and CSS will help in achieving desired results.

The main aspect of using the Manual related links plugin is that it allows for enhanced network traffic and is the best way to direct users to a specific WordPress blog or website.

Although the Manual Related Links Plugin has supported this aspect of sharing related posts, plugins that come with additionally productive features have been developed. Moreover, the Manual Related links WordPress plugin hasn’t been updated for over two years, thereby critically limiting its compatibility towards latest WordPress versions. It is compatible with any WordPress version up to v2.8. A very recognized limitation comes to light while exporting a database from a developing server to a live server, a situation that results in junk text and garbage being filled in the fields which call for manual links to be entered; all links entered manually are erased.

Plugins like WordPress Affiliate Platform and Magic Affiliate have been developed with enhanced functionalities. These plugins help in sharing unlimited number of links in blogs and websites and have become the most efficient tools to increase network traffic and navigation.

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