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WakeUp – A WordPress Theme for Entertainment, Nightlife Website

WakeUp – A WordPress Theme

WakeUp is a stylish, modern WordPress theme that’s ideal for nightlife guides and entertainment review websites. Built to showcase the hottest nightclubs and social events, this simple yet powerful WordPress theme is ideal for hot venues, nightlife guides, and lifestyle websites aimed at a young, urban, professional audience.

Built from the ground up for nightlife review websites, WakeUp is a great ‘plug and play’ template for building a huge archive of entertainment content. The theme has an incredibly simple layout that focused on a combination of text and visual media – something that’s immediately apparent once you see its stylish homepage.

WakeUp uses a large HTML5 slider to profile new venues, upcoming events, and recent nightlife reviews. Users can quickly and easily spot the top venues in each city and access content about them stored on inner pages. WakeUp makes use of two navigational modules – a top bar and a right-aligned category menu.

The homepage of WakeUp reads like a who’s who list of hot bars, nightclubs, and new restaurants. Administrators can customize the location, name, and score of a bar on the homepage, as well as inviting users to rate it using a simple ‘thumbs up’ rating system. WakeUp is built from the ground up for user content and feedback.

Of course, the core of WakeUp is the inner pages and nightlife reviews. WakeUp has a simple content layout for inner pages, made up of a large text area for reviews by website staff, and a simple star-based ranking system that users can use to rank and compare their favorite bars, nightclubs, cafes, and restaurants.

A powerful WordPress template that fills a large hole in the market, WakeUp is a great choice for web developers looking to establish their own local venue rating websites. With simple built-in advertising modules and opportunities for sponsor content, WakeUp is an easy theme for developers and online marketers alike.

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