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Lamoon – A WordPress Theme for Hotel, Resort, Restaurant Website

Lamoon – A WordPress Theme

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Lamoon is a beautiful WordPress theme designed from the ground up for hotels and luxury resorts. With its simple yet stylish design and focus on rich media, this theme is the ultimate tool for attraction people to your hotel. Better yet, its responsive web layout makes it a fantastic cross-platform tool for mobile, desktop, and tablet users.

At the heart of Lamoon’s design is visual media – images, video, and slideshows. The homepage of Lamoon is built around a large HTML5 slider that’s built for bright and colorful content. Attract attention with this expanse of color in an otherwise simple, grey theme and provide visitors with a first-person look into your beautiful hotel.

Lamoon’s navigation bad sits beneath the HTML5 slider, making it easy for visitors to make their way around the website. Designed for singular hotels rather than big hotel networks, Lamoon includes several inner pages designed specifically for hotel users, including ‘room’ pages, booking pages, and a two-column facilities page.

Available in five color schemes, Lamoon is easy to customize and flexible enough to serve the needs of any hotel. Administrators can further customize the theme’s color scheme and overall design using the built-in admin control panel, which also gives administrators control over font and typography options, and sidebar layouts.

Lamoon also includes two blog templates – a standard blog page and a blog template with a left-aligned sidebar. These are ideal for publishing news about your hotel and special seasonal rates. Finally, the theme is completely SEO-optimized, making it an excellent choice for hotels seeking bookings from search traffic.

One of the best hotel and resort themes on the market, Lamoon’s luxurious design and classic style make it a reliable and risk-free option for hotels searching for the perfect web design. From tropical resorts to beautiful inner-city boutique hotels, a website built using Lamoon is sure to bring any type of hotel online success.

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