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Writer – A WordPress Theme

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Writer is a beautiful, simplistic WordPress theme designed for writers and authors looking to gain a new audience from the Internet. A deeply minimalistic theme that immediately draws users into its written content, Writer is one of the best journal, short story, and long-form writing themes for WordPress.

With a minimal design that depends largely on empty white space, and a very basic post layout that’s incredibly easy on readers, Writer is one of the best themes for a writer looking to draw in an audience and never let them go. Set up almost entirely free of distractions and flashy widgets, this simple writing theme is very beautiful.

Writer’s navigational system is tiny and easy to miss. Below the header, the theme includes a small menu that features drop-down page listings. Quickly send users to new pages and blog topics without a distracting design. Show off your site’s pages without ever taking attention away from your images and text page content.

At the core of Writer is a great focus on site content above all else. The theme uses images and rich media very well – a fact attested to by the small but pretty HTML5 slider on the homepage. Floating in the middle of the theme, it offers tiny snippets, as well as beautiful images, that link to blog posts and static content pages.

Writer includes a blog theme that’s ideal for minimalistic bloggers who like to keep their audience as focused as possible, as well as a simple portfolio theme for photos and digital artwork. Thanks to the simplicity of the theme, any content displayed on Writer looks crisp, gorgeous, and eye-catching.

One of the most minimalistic WordPress themes on the market, Writer is a theme that’s unlikely to appeal to modern artists and businesses. However, its simplistic design and minimal distractions make it the perfect WordPress theme for authors, bloggers, and storytellers aiming to capture their users’ attention and never let go.

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