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A clean, minimalist WordPress theme designed to intimately display photography and high quality digital art, Concept is one of the best minimal WordPress themes released this year. A simple black and white template, Concept mixes easy to read text with carefully displayed photography to create a very balanced website theme.

The immediate focus of Concept’s homepage template is its HTML5 slider. Designed to showcase the website’s most important pages, photographs, or other media, it’s a great design feature for immediately highlighting your website’s most important aspects. Concept’s slider includes a small text overlay for post or page descriptions.

Below the HTML5 slider, there is a small text box that’s ideal for corporate slogans, useful marketing headlines, or personal sayings. As Concept is undoubtedly a design theme first and a corporate theme second, we suspect it will be primarily used for personal designer and freelancer ‘mission statements’ or major marketing strong points.

Below the text box is a three-column gallery and a small widget section that takes up the entire page width. The three-column gallery section is ideal for designers with a portfolio to advertise, as well as content-rich websites that would like to show off a sample of their inner pages and top stories at the bottom of the homepage.

Concept features a full-width page template that’s suitable for blog posts and other text-heavy pages. The theme’s typography and page formatting is simple and just as minimalist as its white curved corners, with clean design dominating both the text and the layout aspects of the theme.

If you’re searching for a clean, minimalist WordPress theme for a photography website, digital design portfolio, or freelance promotional page, it’s difficult to find anything more suitable than Concept. This versatile yet powerful theme is one of the top minimalist WordPress themes on the market.

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