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Delicieux WordPress Theme

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One of the best WordPress themes available for food-related websites, Delicieux is a full width restaurant, cooking blog, and retail template designed to showcase the top of the top when it comes to food. With a striking yet aesthetically pleasing red, black, and white color scheme, this theme is one of the top WordPress foodie templates.

Despite being a combined recipe and restaurant theme, Delicieux is all about giving a great visual picture of what food is all about. The homepage design is dominated by a large HTML5 slider containing sharp images and a bold text overlay containing information about the dish or product.

Further down, the homepage design splits into three columns, two of which display images, user rankings, and recipe information, and the right column of which is used to display information on restaurant closing times and chefs’ information. This is a good hint at Delicieux’s purpose – to be both a restaurant and a recipe blog theme.

Adding to Delicieux’s chops as a restaurant theme, the WordPress theme includes a variety of inner pages already formatted as restaurant menus. These pages include small thumbnail images of major dishes, as well as a brief description, ranking, and price. These pre-built templates make Delicieux ideal as a ‘plug and play’ theme.

Delicieux’s default color scheme is easy to customize thanks to the theme’s real time color changer feature. The simple yet customizable blog theme page makes it easy to keep an updated blog using the theme – an ideal feature for busy restaurants.

While Delicieux has a lot of competition from other recipe themes, it stands alone as one of the best restaurant WordPress themes on the market. Thanks to its real time color changing options, this dynamic and versatile WordPress theme can be used to showcase anything from fast food to fine cuisine and custom beverages.

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