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Built with baking, cooking, and custom dishes in mind, Petit could be the ultimate WordPress theme for chefs of any sort. From colorful and delicious baking dishes and crispy treats to nutritious and delicious home-cooked meals, Petit WordPress theme shows off great dishes and the recipes that were used to make them.

With a clean design, that emphasizes low-contrast colors and a layout system that’s one of the easiest to use of any WordPress theme, Petit is a great option for cooking websites that need to hold a lot of data while still being easy to navigate. The theme includes short codes for recipes and directions, increasing its value to bloggers.

Petit’s navigation system is built around a top bar that contains different recipes and food categories, dividing the theme much like a recipe book would. Users can open a wide variety of different categories, which can contain subcategories based on the type of food being prepared, or even the type of ingredients that are used.

Petit’s homepage slider uses a different display layout from what we’re used to. The oh-so-common horizontal slider is replaced by a right-aligned vertical menu that is used to dictate what content shows up in the left-aligned media section. The gigantic media display section makes this ideal for showing off meals and baked goods.

Built to show off the world’s best food and explain exactly how to make it, Petit is a great WordPress theme for food bloggers and recipe gurus alike. Thanks to its easy navigation system and clean design, this theme is one of the best building block for a recipe, baking, home ware, or even coupon blog.

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