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A clean and simple yet effortlessly professional WordPress theme, Galaxy is equally suitable for individuals and businesses. With a timeless color scheme and beautiful three-column page layout, this dynamic yet classic WordPress theme is ideal for web design portfolios, professional ‘resume’ pages, and even small business websites.

Galaxy’s conservative color scheme – which uses orange, white, and black – makes it a great choice for settings where a radical design isn’t necessary. Online businesses seeking a professional yet unpretentious look will benefit from this design’s simple text and content layout, its great color scheme, and its simple user-friendly design.

The homepage template centers around a large HTML5 slider, which combines page content with a large image or video. Ideal for showcasing the recent work of creative companies or the top products of a small manufacturer, this slider sets the mood for the rest of the page and frames the lower information sections of the homepage.

Below the slider, you’ll find a three-column text section and a larger two-column page content area. The lower areas of the homepage contain a white-on-black bar that contains extra text content, as well as social media updates – a Twitter feed, for example – or a variety of other customizable page widgets.

Galaxy includes a blog template, which uses a simple three-column design with the leftmost two columns dedicated to blog content. While the theme is definitely built with businesses and static page content in mind, it’s still suitable for light blogging activity. The template also includes a basic portfolio page that’s ideal for designers.

The conservative color scheme, classic design layout, and easy to read homepage make Galaxy one of the best professional WordPress themes available. For small businesses, freelancers, and independent professionals, it’s hard to beat this user-friendly yet very modern WordPress theme.

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