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E-book – The Quintessential WordPress Template for E-books


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E-book is an ingenious way of making sure that your book gets the publicity it deserves- without you having to do tedious rounds of publishing houses.

This theme is great for authors who have penned a book and require it to be widely read and circulated. E-book is a powerful and aptly named WordPress Template for E-books based websites using which new authors can be certain of widespread circulation and publicity.

The template is designed to help you create a quick and professional website, especially for book authors. Its features include a fully customizable front page.

The homepage of your theme is completely customizable with graphics and original content in the admin panel. It has a CMS theme type. This template also dynamically generates thumbnails from the image you upload so you won’t have to create separate thumbnail images.

The Custom Control Panel has an easy-to-use, intuitive control panel that allows you to configure all aspects of your blog without touching any codes! In addition, there is Localization Support on offer.

This means that you can translate your template into your native language. Translations of all blog content can be done through the theme’s advanced control panel! This helps you to expand your reading audience and reach out to more and more people.

Its other features include two detailed color schemes to help you give a personal touch to the blog. This theme also features an awesome single click install feature so you won’t have to set each and everything step by step.

Simply Activate the theme and it auto populates sample products and categories. The best bit is that all of this is very simplistic and you don’t need any technical knowledge to get the hang of it. In case of any trouble though, the template comes with a Theme Guide and Tutorial, which helps you utilize and better understand its features.

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