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Circles – A WordPress Theme for Customizable, Business, Responsive Website


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Circles is a highly responsive WordPress themes ideal for a business wanting a professional presence on the Internet. With its dynamically animated front page slider and unique circle based thumbnail design, this is a theme to be taken seriously.

One of the first things noticed with this theme is how responsively designed it is. This is a snappy template with jQuery animated drop down menus that make content easy to access. The front page slider gives the theme a unified, widescreen appearance and the animated parallax effects add a dynamic professional quality.

The circular thumbnails used in the theme give it a unique appearance not seen in many WordPress themes. The theme will automatically make your graphics circular making it easier to focus on content. While this may seem like a simple feature, it is astounding how much of a professional quality this gives graphics and the overall website experience. The theme also comes equipped with its own options panel that makes managing the theme simple and straightforward.

Circles has templates for both blog posts and full width pages so no matter what is required, the theme can provide. Circles also comes with a fully featured set of shortcodes that can be used to create beautiful buttons, download and alert boxes and columns for displaying text. These shortcodes are very useful in adding extra elements to blog posts and static pages to make the delivery of content to the reader much more efficient and easier.

Circles is definitely a theme with the business owner in mind where the design and options side of things is streamlined to make sure the overall experience is straightforward. This theme is ideal for anyone looking for a sleek and professional website with a unique edge in its design.

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