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Cars & Motors – A WordPress Responsive Theme for Automotive, Self-Propelled Website

Cars & Motors

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A stylish, modern theme built to showcase modern automobiles and keep readers up to date with car industry news, Cars & Motors is one of the best auto themes on the market. With its minimalistic white and red color scheme and its stylish gallery templates, Cars & Motors is the ideal choice for auto reporters and photographers.

Cars & Motors makes use of a simple, minimalistic design scheme that’s ideal for showcasing large amounts of visual content. The homepage is built around a large HTML5 slider that pulls content from inner pages and blog posts. Above the slider, the theme employs a simple drop-down menu bar that’s integrated into the header.

Designed to showcase concept cars and impressive vehicles, Cars & Motors makes use of a four-column gallery widget on its homepage. Bloggers can effortlessly add images of the most acclaimed and talked-about modern cars to the homepage, and even use the ‘featured images’ area to draw attention to industry developments.

Built for both static pages and blog content, Cars & Motors includes a wide variety of inner page themes. Publish static pages or blog posts on a two-column template that includes a right-aligned navigational sidebar, or make use of the theme’s full-width page template to publish editorial and marketing content that’s free of distractions.

Cars & Motors is a responsive theme that will scale to suit the device it’s displayed on. Visit on a full-resolution PC display and you’ll enjoy fantastic readability and an easy navigation system. On a smartphone or low-resolution tablet, you can easily access the same content with a simplified, touch-friendly dropdown menu system.

Ideal for automotive bloggers and photographers, car industry experts, and modern automotive enthusiasts, Cars & Motors is a clean, simple theme that puts its focus on the most important element for any blogger: content. If you’re searching for a slick, user-friendly automotive theme, you won’t find anything better than this.

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