15+ Best WordPress Templates for Furniture

Furniture WordPress Templates

One of the most popular blogging options is to open a blog on furniture and interior design. With the advent of modern lifestyles in almost every city and a lot of self help customized designs floating about, it has become very easy for even a new blogger to make his or her mark in the industry.

Blogging as an interior design expert is easy and effective not just for the novice but also for the veteran, who can use the wide reach of the internet and the multiple attractive themes and designs to help his or her business reach out to audiences that would have never been possible in the real world.

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform and hence brings to its users a wide array of interior design and furniture themes. Depending on whether you want to simply showcase your own taste and hobby or want to run a business and display all the options that your business offers to potential customers, it will give you a variety of choices. We look at the top ten themes WordPress provides to the furniture and interior design enthusiasts:


Interiart - WordPress Templates for Furniture

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Interiart is the unique wordpress template that provides the full solution for the furniture website. It is a clean wordpress template that helps in designing website which is fashionable with making use of the visual composer and max mega menu. It is also integrated with the WooCommerce and revolution slider plugin.


  • Fully Responsive with Bootstrap 3 Grid System
  • Powerful Template options and unlimited colors
  • TZ Plus Gallery
  • Max Mega Menu Support

Price: $ 59.00


Innova - WordPress Templates for Furniture

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Innova is the clean, flexible and feature rich modern wordpress CMS template that is created specifically for  interior, home decor, furniture & catalogue , windows and doors, flooring, and also for corporate web sites. It has all the features to create a stunning furniture website.


  • Built with light weight SiteOrigin page builder
  • Template Customizer to customize your layouts
  • Highly Responsive template for todays websites
  • 10 Custom page widgets for creating page layouts

Price: $59.00

Furniture Company

 Furniture Company - WordPress Templates for Furniture

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Furniture Company is the fully featured wordpress template to setup a fully managed website with a stylish layout and rich functionality. The advanced bootstrap framework will make sure to provide a eye catchy look to your site and add all the functionalities to the site.


  • Pixel Perfect Font Icons on high resolution displays
  • The DropDown mega menu displays multiple options at once
  • Advanced SEO Support
  • Many Google Fonts to Select

Price: $79.00


soffa - WordPress Templates for Furniture

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Soffa is the perfect wordpress template which is responsive and eye catchy and integrated with the WooCommerce. It has the template customizer which makes the site look very attractive. It is fully featured to turn your website into business site to sell the furniture.


  • Highly Responsive Design
  • Visual Composer for custom page layout
  • Complete WooCommerce Support
  • Portfolio and Company pages Support

Price: $59.00

Furniture Responsive

Furniture Responsive - WordPress Templates for Furniture

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As the name suggests, the furniture responsive template is the highly responsive furniture wordpress template that helps in creating a stunning and fully featured website. It support the parallax scrolling which makes your website user friendly and make the users to visit again and again.


  • Highly Responsive and adaptive on any screen
  • All the pages are SEO optimized
  • Widget Ready Template
  • Accurately crafted framework for easy installation of templates

Price: $75.00

Carniz WordPress Theme:


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A stylish and well crafted WordPress theme that suits best for the website that offers interior designing services. The advanced features accomplished with the theme allow users to modify the layout without altering the code.

Few features of the Carniz theme includes custom sidebars, dynamic content loader, custom menus and supports captcha. The entire theme is optimized perfectly to support various SEO techniques.

Interior design:

Interior design

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This is the most popular of the interior design and furniture themes and with good reason. The theme is easy to configure and very clean, with a huge photo display that is perfect to showcase the magnificence of your favorite house. The template layout is catchy but not flashy enough to distract from your main content for which there is ample display space.

The theme has separate options where you can categorize your priorities according to whichever space you are more partial to, the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen etc. More importantly, it also allows posting client testimonials which work to improve the credibility of your blog and helps attract new clients.

Deluxe interior:

Deluxe interior

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As the name suggests, this is one of the more up market demographic. The theme itself is a sleek, two color theme that is both posh and stylish. The theme is sure to catch very well off clients and the fashionable. If you are looking to showcase your talents amongst the rich and the mighty, there is no better theme for you.

This blends in perfectly with any fashion label or any designer product, lending the entire blog with an elite charm. Equipped with designer fonts and a stylish photo layout, this is the perfect fashion weapon.



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The reason this is also one of the most popular web templates for interior design is due to the fact that this is a very clean and neat theme that comes in a stylish layout that is particularly useful for interior design shopping. This theme is enabled with multiple functionalities that fit together seamlessly.

The best bit about this web template is the fact that you can create stunning layouts for your furniture and interior design plans without knowing coding. The red and black theme in the background simply provide a soothing background while the option of uploading a photo of your favorite furniture as the background gives you more space to display your interests prominently.

Interior style:

Interior style

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The interior style web template is more suited to interior design display; this is an all-in-one solution for the interior design enthusiasts. The blog template features a background image prominently and gives the blogger the option of categorizing their interests.

Interior Yellow:

Interior yellow

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This is one of the newest themes on the block which is quickly gaining popularity owing to its funky and modern layout. A problem with a lot of the WordPress themes for furniture is the fact they cater to a more mature audience and not to a lot of young audience. This WordPress theme fills in the gap with its modern and funky design which is sure to attract younger clientele.

This is best suited for a website that comes with predefined classes for common elements. The theme also gives you the option of an extensive admin panel using which the user can change or alter every minute detail of the theme from an array of collapsible options.

Feng Shui:

Feng Shui

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This is a professionally designed theme suitable for any corporate or financial venture in the world of furniture or interior design. As the name itself suggests, the web template is designed with superior quality and clean structure in mind. The entire theme has a very warm, natural, earthy feel to it which is perfect for any green project.

Merx Fresh Ideas:

Merx Fresh Ideas

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This theme is true to its name and exudes a fresh vibe, which is perfect for new startups. In fact, this is one of the most popular themes for newcomers and rookies owing to its easy usage and lack of requirement of coding knowledge. But more importantly, this helps any new blogger stand out in front of a crowd with its clean and minimalist website design, it’s neat categories and its overall ambience that are sure to boost sales.

In design:

In design

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This is one of the more elegant and modern web themes with flexible front pages, a number of image slideshows and smooth transition effects giving the entire website a professional look. This is perfect if you are one of those people who want to showcase furniture and interior design in a no-nonsense way, since this is a no frills website, ensuring that all the attention will be on your product.

This theme comes highly recommended for those who are selling furniture since business requires this kind of smooth functioning, non-distracting website the most.

Interior Professional:

Interior Professional

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This professional version of one of the most loved furniture themes is a one stop solution for all your blogging needs. This gives you the option of much functionality and therefore can be used as for any business

Interior Premium:

Interior Premium

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This theme for your premium clients who deserve all the executive feel and service you can give them. The web theme itself has a trendy and upper class feel with its rich finish and its understated colors. The theme has a rich profusion of categories and colors and helps you sort and select your priorities for your clients.

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