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WordPress Template for Wedding Photographers

Adana – The One Stop Solution as a WordPress Template for Wedding Photographers


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The mere mention of weddings and photography brings home the point that a WordPress template for artists must meet some special criteria to be of use. Adana does this; and that too with some style.

Aesthetic appeal becomes an infinitely important concern when you intend to present your art works, photographs, or even your portfolio to prospective clients and members of your community.

Thus, the WordPress template you use with your website must add on to the visual impact of the final product. One can find quite a few impressively designed templates easily, but not all of these deserve your investments because what you actually need is a lethal combination of style and substance, something that Adana manages to bring to the table.

Some of the special features of Adana include Google Web Font Integration, a fully functional contact form, amazing drop down menus and easy integration of widgets and Gravatar. Your creative works attract eyeballs when served in the sophisticated frames of this template.

There is a distinct neatness about the beauty of the template, especially in the manner in which the animations glide into each other. The home page deserves a special mention because of the full screen slideshow synchronized backgrounds. The template fits any WordPress version including and above 3.0, so compatibility is never going to be a concern.

Browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome find no hassles with Adana, and this means that your audience will be able to enjoy your artistic works on any browser.

The latest WordPress features add to the value you get from this amazing template for wedding photographers. Those looking to make it big in wedding photography and budding creative minds can create a powerful cocktail of beauty and brain with the help of this classy template called Adana.

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