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Vow – The Dependable WordPress Theme for Wedding

Vow Red WordPress Wedding  Theme

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Finding a WordPress template for wedding sites is never an easy task, considering that you have to work with a fixed frame of mind as regards the styles and outlook of the website.

In such a scenario, you could easily be straightjacketed into selecting a theme that either does not create the ideal visual appeal or lags behind on the functionality front.

Thankfully, Vow is one WP template for wedding websites that manages to create the perfect cocktail of style and substance. The designing has been kept understandably colorful by the developers, so that the website is in sync with the central wedding theme.

The website effuses a distinct sense of happiness that is so essential to attract visitors to a website based on weddings and such occasions. The ribboned menu accentuates the beauty of the theme and adds a lot of sophistication to the overall presentation.

The theme comes with a powerful event management plugin that is surely going to help you organize the data well. You can include elaborate maps to the venue on any page and hence provide all necessary information to viewers without any hassles.

Also, the photo gallery feature enables you to portray the best images reflecting the quality of your products, services and ideas extremely easily.

The Vow theme for wedding websites works equally well with the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Cross browser compatibility alleviates any troubles you’d have faced otherwise.

You can get a pretty neat and elaborate demonstration of the theme in action before you decide to give it a shot. Your WordPress template for wedding websites has got to be a meticulously crafted mixture of visual appeal and ease of handling, and Vow theme scores well on both of these parameters.

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