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Web Design Showcase

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Web Design Showcase is a one-stop solution for all kinds of web designing. Website that wants a professional touch to it need not look any further. With this amazing WordPress template for website design called Pagelines, you’ll also get WP’s advanced content-management capability and full compatibility with its 16000 plug-ins.

Its unique feature is that it also comes with its own store where you can buy or sell almost anything that you might need for your website. You can even generate some income by building features, themes, custom sections and selling them through the store.

With the color control feature you can the change the look and palette of your entire site in a matter of seconds. Change layout modes and background images with the greatest ease. With Web Design Showcase you can play around with the additional features.

The Web Design Showcase has many different themes including Ignite theme which is perfect for marketing your small business website. The Orbit color theme for Pagelines comes with 4 color modes for each section – Header, Content, Morefoot and Footer.

The Pagelines’ iBlogPro5 is a clean, light theme created to help you reach and communicate with a wide audience of customers and readers.

The template is built so that you can browse through it from your computer or phone. The framework dynamically responds to the resolution of your browser or device. The theme provides 5 page layout options on a page-by-page basis.

Typography changing is easy with access to more than 50 safe Google fonts. Having one’s queries answered and complaints resolved is a cakewalk with this template.

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