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The Backbone WordPress Theme Has a Very Simple Design

Backbone WordPress Theme

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The Backbone wordpress theme has a very simple design but yet looks elegant due to ultra clean and sober looks. In the vast array of wordpress templates that are available, the Backbone theme has really made a name and place for itself in the mind of the designers.


The theme was developed by a designer called Firman Firdaus and has quickly made a market due to its simplicity and elegance. This theme is mainly used for blogs, business purposes, newspapers, magazines and framework bundles.


The first and foremost feature of the wordpress theme called Backbone is that it is very easy to install and does not require any customization at the time of installation. It has options of multiple wordpress template selection for each individual page that actually gives a new look to every page.

Backbone helps in the designing of the website and its customization for the better without the requirement of touching the code at all. The panel of the theme is very easy to handle and you can easily customize it to give your website the look you wish to.

It has the cross-browser compatibility feature that enables it to fit the whole screen size very comfortably. There are numerous options for customizing the portfolio page according to your will apart from the settings of the posts and the footers.

Photo blogging in Backbone can also be adjusted along with videos very easily and customized as per your needs and requirements. This theme gives support for a wide range of short codes for the better designing of your website.

With sidebars and numerous widgets that are all customizable, this theme gives the exact look and feel to your website that you wished for.

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