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WordPress Template for Auctions

The Auction Press WordPress Template Is Very Powerful

Auction Press WordPress Template

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The Auction press wordpress template is very powerful and does not require any kind of programming knowledge to be installed and used. This wordpress theme is very easy to install and gets ready to be used in just a matter of a few minutes.


This wordpress template as the name itself suggests is used mainly for building websites that conduct private as well as public auctions and biddings on any object. There are numerous options in this theme that help in the performing of such auctions.


There are numerous designs for auction websites that are provided with this wordpress theme that the designers can choose from in order to make a website of their own. It consists of listings for both private and public auctions.

It has in-built systems for the deposit as well as the withdrawal of money. It has thousands of plug-ins for the better designing and customization of your website. The theme also has enhanced features and is highly SEO friendly that helps in the better ranking of your website.

It is totally compatible with all modern browsers like Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. It has in-built slots for placing banners and advertisements apart from analytics, maps and adsense from Google.

There are advanced administrative tools that help in the proper management and setting up of your website. It supports features like private messaging, email alerts, verifications of registration, relisting tools and feedback systems.

You can also upload files and setup the customized fields and packages for the auctions to take place. The theme comes with more than twenty gateways for the visitors to make their payments.

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