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BlueSky Is an Elegant Choice for a Theme in WordPress Blogs

BlueSky Is an Elegant Choice

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BlueSky is an elegant choice for a theme in WordPress blogs. It has a simple and easy to use interface and is compatible across the latest WP platforms.

The theme also features integrated thumbnail images along with the post which is a neat little feature to have in a blog.

An Overview

The theme has been developed by Elegant Themes. It is compatible across all popular internet browsers and is also an adsense ready theme. Use of plug-ins could put this theme to some dynamic use and help create a professional and neat looking blog.

The WordPress theme gives the user four different color options to choose from and its price too is very reasonable.


The theme is very suitable for people who are looking for WP themes that are simple to use and elegant to look at. BlueSky in that regards has an elegant look about it and the easy to use interface also makes it user friendly.

In case you do not prefer the abbreviated post structure, through this theme you could also resort to the blog style layout. In such a layout, the post would be depicted as you usually spot in traditional blogs where the text would be displayed in full.

It’s also adsense friendly and you get to place ads on you header and side bar with little or no fuss. They can also be turned off at any point of time from within the dashboard.

The WordPress templates also have been designed to provide you with creative options to help provide new looks to the way content is viewed on your site.


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