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One of the most important documents that people draft in the course of their lives is their resume when applying for a job or position at an establishment. Hence, one needs all the guidance one can get when drafting this monumental document.

It is also important that one maintains a smart online presence that will boost his/her professional career. Nothing helps you do this better than the new WordPress theme for resume, Myresume.

Rich with features and a multitude of customizations, this WordPress theme helps you create the perfect resume and get the most mileage out of it. The platform comes with five different color variations to personalize your webpage and make it unique without compromising on the professional look of the page.

There are amazing features with respect to images. For instance, you’ll soon be in love with the features providing for automatic resizing of thumbnail images.

The customizations involved, as already mentioned, are the most advanced in its class. Complete control being is given to the potential user over every facet of the theme and its various settings.

The page template settings put you in charge of the look of your webpage by giving you access to pre made layouts and utilities, thereby helping you create new forms and types of content for your webpage.

There are also many resume specific improvements in this WordPress platform, most notably the custom portfolio integration that allows you to add your best to the resume in a clean manner.

The shortcodes collection allows you to do this and update new content with ease while easy and regular updates ensure your webpage is up to date with all the new WordPress advances.

The platform is currently compatible with Opera, Netscape, Safari, Chrome and IE. The superb shortcodes help you customize your posts and show content in specialized layouts without cumbersome coding.

There is full SEO optimization to ensure readers end up on your site. Custom WordPress widgets and one-click installations give more impetus to your online presence.

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