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Domestica– Escalate Your Value Through the Domestica WordPress Template for Realtors

Domestica WordPress Theme

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One of the most important things that a real estate agent always needs to keep in mind is that in the modern world, the business of real estate is not just conducted in the real world.

A huge market for real estate has crossed over to the virtual world, and this is an irresistible arena for the budding realtor to explore. For a modern realtor, attracting customers is a job that requires a superbly designed webpage that blends the benefits of a clean professional look with easy navigation skills.

All that and much more is offered by the new WordPress template for realtors, Domestica.

Appeal is one of the most pivotal things in the real estate business and hence Domestica triumphs over other WordPress templates with its innovative usage of images and its fluent and engaging design.

Domestica treats the user with a variety of options to customize the webpage to make the website unique and charming. Domestica enables the realtor to list relevant properties and add a number of widgets and add-ons as a part of the WordPress platform with just a click, making the web page more interactive and adding an interface with potential consumers.

Among the most pleasing features of this WordPress platform for realtors is the smart search option that allows the user of the web page to search for suitable real estate using customized search options that include parameters like location and pricing, thereby making the process easy and transparent for the user.

The WordPress platform arranges the webpage with multiple menu tabs for sorting out any real estate query and is fully compatible with opera, Firefox and chrome. Thus, the website will run like a breeze, irrespective of the browser you run it on.

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