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Best Premium WordPress Newspaper Templates

WordPress is the most popular publishing platform for blogs because of its huge variety of options for customization, user friendly ability and other widgets open for all webmasters. People belonging to magazine and news arena are also utilizing the utilities of WordPress and are benefiting. With the help of WordPress you can organize your website in a jiffy.

Themes form an important factor in achieving the success of a magazine or news related website.

Right themes are necessary to create an impact on the reader who will visit the site again and again. Impressive colors, right design along with attractive fonts give the reader an experience which will encourage them to return to the website many times. You can select from the various themes available which will suit your requirement.



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It\’s a custom built magazine theme that is perfectly suitable for News sites or websites that publish business news. The App comes with a slideshow feature to display all your new items and it comprises a navigation menu just drag content into menu.

City Desk:

City Desk

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A stunning newspaper style theme build with classic design makes it a top choice for online publishers and news providing websites. With an outstanding bold headline and HTML5 slider, City Desk is the best WordPress theme that supports rich media content.

Black Aperture:

Black Aperture

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This theme is designed by Matt Brett, who is well known for his unique designs. It is a feature rich black and white theme which can be customized as per the requirement. There is a bar for navigation which will exhibit various pages and categories. Featured posts can be seen in a vertical list along with the related thumbnail pictures which can guide the visitor.

A unique feature of the post is that it has a description box which is editable under the title of each post. Because of this feature you can write information related to a video game which is in question that includes its platform, name, publisher, genre, developer, ESRB rating and release date. There is also a rating system that is graphic comprising of stars from one to five.



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This theme is specifically designed for newspaper and magazine WordPress blogs and also works like a monetization and affiliate website. To enhance and differentiate news items, there are eight sections and three columns. This theme is popular as it gives good space for ads and banners.

You can utilize this space by strategically placing in specified areas so that the visitors will click on these ads. This theme also permits you to create and customize landing pages and also promote explicit posts. The theme can be used to publish news and also earn revenue.


Volt WP Theme

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Volt is a specific theme which aims to enhance the readability and places elements on screen in such a way that it will be appealing to the visitors. There is an option for layout swapping which permits webmasters to place the content in different places and test for an ideal location. It gives optimum space for monetization and advertising. There are unlimited sliders and widget areas which are exclusive. This theme can be best suited for the presentation of news and also shows ways for setting up of page elements.


Ares WP Theme

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This theme is apt for blogs which are in magazine style. There is a slider for featured posts which gives the visitor the most significant content of the site. Recent posts are presented in an appealing manner. Widgets, menus and social media profiles can be customized. In a nutshell it can be termed as a neat and clean theme best suited for managing blogs.


Repro WP Theme

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This excellent magazine theme is designed by Orman Clark. There is enough space for ten widget spaces. It also allocates custom widgets required for photos, ads, RSS, videos and Twitter. The home page comprising of content and featured posts slider can be customized into various tags and categories. The posts and pages of the magazine can be clearly outlined by two columns. There is a provision for social media options and monetization as well.


Goodnews WP Theme

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This theme is white colored, attractive and suitable for various news blogs. You can categorize the pages with the help of a navigation menu. There is a slider for featured posts which will show the important content to the visitor. There are two columns for news on the left side, selected video, Facebook, comments, RSS, images and also most accepted content widgets on the right side. There is enough space for banner advertising. It has professional touch in its creation and presentation.


Periodic WP Theme

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It is an important user friendly theme suitable for magazine and news websites. The design is stylish and sleek along with good readability. It comprises of ad and banner space, slider for featured posts, navigation bar, custom widgets and several elements which can be modified as per requirement. There are two fixed columns which give enough space for social media, content and various options for monetization.


LondonLive WP Theme

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This theme is exceptional in its visual appeal to the visitor. The design is black and white and looks like a traditional newspaper. The lay out comprises of two columns which are well organized. This theme comprises of a video widget, search bar, banner space, slider for featured posts, and also a Flickr photostream. This theme has been designed to exhibit the content in a neat and simple manner.


Deadline WP Theme

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Deadline is the ultimate theme for magazine and newspaper publishing. It is powerful and comprises of various customizable options along with enhanced readability and easy to navigate option. It permits you to design the layout of the site, put ads and banners for monetization, and also exhibit the latest Tweets, photos, vides and many other things.

There is a standard layout which is two columned which can be customized as per the requirement of the blog. The blog color and design can be changed as per your choice. You can create a truly unique website with the help of this theme.

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