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Best Premium WordPress Festival Templates

Choosing the right WordPress theme is the address to the success of your online business. There are truck loads of free and paid templates available that give a sophisticated look to your website or blog. Compared to free templates, paid templates are safe because free templates have strange codes that cannot be decrypted easily and it is not safe to have an unknown code on your website. Each website is different and hence not all templates suit every website.

Depending on the purpose the WordPress template has to be chosen. WordPress is no more a text blog as it has advanced to cater to some of the most latest technological innovations. WordPress can be used to run any kind of website, be it a photo or video blog, corporate site, traditional blog, personal blog, online magazine, software apps site or real time business site. Keep specific goals in mind while choosing a website template. The template chosen should reflect your goal.

Before starting with a WordPress template, ensure that the license is in place. Find out about support. Check if the PSD and source files are part of the deal. Also see if you are eligible for additional bonus. Applying for multiple licenses is essential while using the theme on more than one client. The template you select should be SEO friendly.

At the end of the day your website should throw up on search engines. A SEO theme is essential when you are planning to start with any SEO work with your website. The WordPress theme should be compatible with any browser. Not all of them use the same browser and flexibility is important. The template should be widget ready. Select a template that is video and photo friendly. See to that you are able to attach YouTube videos onto the webpage.

Festival templates are popularly used especially if your business is associated with any particular festival. Some of the most prominent festival themes are



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A special template released keeping in mind Christmas, it comes with 3 readymade theme with supporting menu descriptions, home page, widgetized sidebars and customized message space.



View Demo

This is a popular Christmas template that is ideal for displaying anything related to Christmas. The functionality of this template is a blog and it comes with an admin panel. The template is compatible with WordPress 2.1.x and 2.9.x. It supports PSD and PHP source files. The template is widgetized.

Christmas Blog:

Christmas blog

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This is a perfect blog template that is compatible with WordPress 2.1.x and 2.9.x. It comes with admin panel and widgets. Supports PSP and PHP source files. Before you purchase the template check out their free sample template. There is online chat support that can answer all your queries pertaining to the product and services.

Vermilion Christmas:

Vermilion Christmas Theme

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A festival template that is made of bright red and green color scheme and hence the name Vermilion Christmas. It comes with two columns, left sidebar, fixed width and a sticky post. The template allows changing fonts and colors.


Halloween WP Theme

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This is apt for Halloween site and it is free. The template comes with an admin page, custom sidebars, Google maps shortcodes, social share bar, responsive web design and is shortcodes ready.

Halloween Webblog:

Halloween Webblog Theme

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This falls under the blog category and features an interactive admin panel. The template can be hosted with PHP4x and MySQL4c. Again the template can be widgetized.

Easter – 2 columns:

Easter – 2 columns

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An impressive 2 columns layout that is ideal for blogging. The pink background makes it all the more attractive giving it a festive look. This is a widget supported theme, XHTML and CSS.

Easter Blog:

Easter Blog WP Theme

This can be a complete Easter surprise and it comes for free. Just add this template into your design portfolio and it can be highly beneficial especially during Easter time.

Spring Festival

Spring Festival WP Theme

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Designed keeping in mind Chinese history the frame is colorful and the patterns are kaleidoscopic in nature but in the right proportion.

Twenty Twelve

Twenty Twelve WP Theme

View Demo

This is a new year WordPress template that is designed to perfection. This theme makes your website complete. The homepage is special that helps to manage any type of content. It’s well crafted design is mobile compatible. No matter the size of the device the template fits perfectly. It is an Open Sans typeface that makes it attractive with high readability factor. It supports widgets but no sidebar layout. The design can be customized fully with personalized menu, header image and background color.

Choosing the right festival template is important for the success of your website. Setting up a WordPress blog is simple. There are many guides that can help in the process. The success of a great blog lies in the easy navigability and widgets that can assist the readers. A WordPress theme can be two column or three column type.

The main post will always be in the center. Shifting through blog categories is easy with festival WordPress themes. Modern WordPress template ensures that it is photo and video friendly. It also ensures that it is compatible with social networking operations as well. WordPress festival templates see to that the flow of the content is not disturbed thereby making it reader affable. WordPress templates offer attractive headers with image option that does not take much time to load.

The benefit of widgets is that it helps the blogger to save and organize the blog database, enabling easy upload of images, more efficient audio and video post and an interactive admin panel. With the help of widgets subscribing to blog feeds is easy. It also facilitates bookmarking sites and submitting comments automatically without waiting for manual approval.

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