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A WordPress watermark plugin is used to watermark images in your WordPress website. The term ‘Watermarking’ of images refers to the process of allowing images to be copyright protected and thus disallowing the image to be used without authorization. With the growing number of sites coming up on the internet, waterproofing of images has become an essential requirement for your WordPress blog.

It helps in uniquely identifying images in your WordPress blog and thus discourages its unauthorized usage. It has become a conclusive solution for copyright problems that are so pervasive in the world of the internet.

There are many watermark plugins that are available in the WordPress platform. A widely used WordPress watermark plugin is the Watermark my Image plugin.

Watermark my Image Plugin

Wordpress Watermark Plugin

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This plugin associates and appropriates itself with WordPress 2.9 or higher. The plugin is compatible up to WordPress 3.4.1. The plugin has been subject to constant compatibility updates and has been very useful in delivering watermark services for WordPress websites.

The WordPress ‘Watermark my plugin’ allows you to place a watermark beneath original images that can be present in your website. The plugin also allows you to customize images by adjusting the size of the image, the height etc. The plugin also allows you to modify the texts that are linked to the image.

The color, font family and font size of texts can be altered with the help of a plugin.  Rows for texts and images can be specified in order to ensure appealing alignment of images in your WordPress website. Other manipulations like text alignments, spacing of images and texts, and positioning can be accomplished by means of specifying corresponding coordinates.

The requirements of the plugin are:

  • FreeType Library
  • DOM [Document Object Model]
  • PHP framework GD extension.

An important point that has to be taken note of is that the plugin places watermarks underneath the image and not over the image. Not only images, but posts and tables can also be watermarked.

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