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10 Top bbPress WordPress Plugins

bbPress plugins serve as a great tool for your WordPress website as they add a forum to your website without disturbing the membership functionalities of the site. The bbPress plugins can easily integrate with any new theme or existing WordPress themes.

Take full advantage of these bbPress plugins to replace your traditional comments field with an extraordinary forum where in the site administrators can create new topic for the visitors to discuss. Surprisingly with availability of huge amount of bbPress compatible plugins, it has become bit difficult to choose anyone. Hence, to assist you, this post that holds a whole lot of bbPress plugins is compiled.


bbPress -WordPress Plugin

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It’s an advanced forum plugin that was developed with laying more focus on the integration, speed and built by following all the coding web standards. The plugin is simple to use and allows the site owners to add few great features. The plugin’s extensive system will assist the users in configuring anything relevant to the plugin.


GD bbPress Attachments

GD bbPress Attachments -WordPress Plugin

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This GD bbPress WordPress plugin will manage all the attachments relevant to forum topics and from the plugin’s main setting panel, users can even control the file sizes. A site user can restrict the number of files that are to be attached to every topic. Every error is directly uploaded to the website and both the administrator and reply authors can keep track of those errors.


bbPress Admin Bar Addition

bbPress Admin bar Addition -WordPress Plugin

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This lightweight WordPress plugin will add all the relevant bbPress 2.x resource to either the tool bar or admin bar of your WordPress website. To make the tasks of forum administrators bit easier, the plugin will directly add links to all varieties of settings and tab pages. So this enables the site administrators to easily switch between the frontend of your website to any Forums, Topics and even the main settings.


GD bbPress Tools

GD bbPress Tools -WordPress Plugin

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This WordPress plugin will add few additional expansions and tools to different bbPress powered forums available on your website. Features that come included with the plugin are additional custom reviews and it is even integrated with the Toolbar menu.


bbPress Search Widget

bbPress Search Widget -WordPress Plugin

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This simple and outstanding WordPress plugin will include 13 additional options that help the site users to easily change the search fields and add button texts etc. This plugin is WPML compatible and even the help text can be fully localized into any of the language. Further, the users can even set the visibility of forum topics from the widget options. Even the appearance of widget can be altered from the settings page that comes along with the plugin.


bbPress WP Tweaks

bbPress WP Tweaks -WordPress Plugin

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This bbPress WP Tweaks will replace your regular sidebar on the website a forum sidebar. Whenever any visitor loads the forum page, immediately the forum specific sidebar gets depicted in the website. If there is nothing much to be shown on the forum sidebar, the regular sidebar will get displayed by default. From the plugin settings page, users can further choose the type of forum wrapper that they want to use.


bbPress Post Topics

bbPress Post topics -WordPress Plugin

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This bbPress WordPress plugin will remove the traditional comments field from your posts and replaces it with topics. In the forum, users can create any new forum topic or attach an existing topic to the post. A topic can be appended to any number of posts, but only one topic can be attached to a single post.


Smart bbPress nVerify

Smart bbPress nVerify -WordPress Plugin

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Using this Smart bbPress nVerify, users can have a forums protection that requires visitors to enter a valid purchase code to access all your products. To every individual bbPress forum, the site users can assign one or more products. Plugin requires use of WordPress version 3.3 or newer and bbPress plugin version 2.3 or newer. It is adaptable with all bbPress versions and WordPress versions.



bbPress Threaded Replies

bbPress Threaded Replies -WordPress Plugin

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This plugin works based on the comments display functions that usually come loaded with WordPress and supports built-in topic-display functions of the bbPress. Any settings related to the plugin can be directly made by the site owners by accessing the bbPress Forums Options page.


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