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Whether you want to organize your orders or need to streamline customer queries, forms are the easiest and most convenient tools to be using for this.

Gravity Forms plug-in combines the usability of forms with some style to ensure that what you have on your WordPress website is something beyond an ordinary form. Quick and easy form building hardly comes any better.

All you\’ve got to do with Gravity Forms plug-in is to select the fields you are interested in, configure the different options and then embed the prepared form on the WordPress website.

Easy and complex forms are created as per your requirements using the visual form editor of the plug-in. Longer forms can sometimes be particularly difficult to make, but the multi page form building option in Gravity Forms allows you to do that without any hassles.

The progress bar is a fantastic addition to such long forms. If you are selling a product or a service on your website, you can create order forms with in-built calculations with the help of Gravity Forms.

The best part about this plug-in is that you can even create forms that keep on changing based on the choices marked by users.

The user interface of this plug-in is particularly impressive, and you’ll soon fall in love with the big, broad and shiny icons and buttons you’ll encounter while creating forms using Gravity Forms.

You do not need any coding and programming language knowledge to be able to use Gravity Forms to the fullest. The plug-in is compatible with a host of third party services of the likes of PayPal.

Your contact and order forms will never be the same with something as powerful as Gravity Forms at your service.

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