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Sana Magazine WordPress theme

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Sana is a dark, slick, and space-inspired WordPress theme that’s ideal for technology blogs and futuristic websites alike. With a color scheme that signals authority and an easy-to-use layout that puts the focus on both text and rich media, Sana is one of the best WordPress themes on the market for content-driven technology websites.

As soon as you arrive on Sana’s homepage, you’re greeted with sharp, colorful page images that capture your attention. Sana has been built for media-heavy blogs, and it shows. The homepage uses a large HTML5 slider to organize key posts and pages, while the inner pages are surrounded by a bright, full color background image.

Above the large HTML5 slider, you’ll find Sana’s simple and user-friendly navigation bar, which makes use of dropdown menus to organize inner pages. Below the slider, you’ll see lengthy snippets of recent blog posts, complete with small image, and a list of the most recent blog posts and their dates with a search form on the right side.

Sana includes two basic page layouts – a standard content page with a right-aligned sidebar, and a full-width content page. The standard page is ideal for content pages, particularly the standard online business informational pages. The full-width page template, on the other hand, is ideal for editorial content and direct sales pages.

With a responsive page design that scales to fit the screen resolution it’s viewed on, Sana is one of the few rich media WordPress themes that looks fantastic on both a full-resolution PC display and on a small smartphone. The theme’s white-on-black color scheme also makes it an easy-to-read choice for mobile users.

Thanks to its fantastic layout, its exquisite and effortless balance of images and text content, and its brilliant responsive design, Sana is a great theme for technology and space blogs. Whether you’re delivering text-heavy blog posts or full-length videos, this vibrant and user-friendly theme is ideal for powering your website.

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