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LoveDay Magazine WordPress theme

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A cute and charming personal blog theme, LoveDay is an excellent choice for small blogs and online diaries. With a childish blue and pink color scheme and charming background texture, LoveDay is one of the best themes on the market for bloggers and artists seeking a WordPress template that\’s both cute and very personal.

There’s a real lack of cute, charming WordPress templates for bloggers. Most themes edge towards the professional side of the spectrum, with sharp lines and somewhat boring color schemes. LoveDay goes as far as possible in the other direction, with an excellent pink and blue heart-focused background that rapidly melts users’ hearts.

As with many other blog themes, LoveDay is built around a large HTML5 slider that dominates most of the homepage. Ideal for showcasing featured posts and popular writing, the content slider features a large image and, optionally, a small snippet of the page of post’s content.

Below the HTML5 slider, LoveDay makes use of a clean and simple blog section that pulls content from the most recent posts, as well as a sidebar and footer that contain a mix of recent posts, tag and category information, and a calendar. The whole page design is very clean and user-friendly, and ideal for text-heavy long form content.

Designed for a combination of text and images, LoveDay contains two simple page templates. The first is a content and blog template that makes use of a right-aligned sidebar, complete with search and category widgets. The second is a full-width page template that’s ideal for showcasing recipes, long blog posts, and other content.

Thanks to its responsive design that looks great on all devices, its stylish and cute design, and its user-friendly fonts and text layout, LoveDay is a great WordPress theme for mom-bloggers and personal journals. While it’s far from professional or business-focused, this stylish and charming theme is certainly a fun template.

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