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The corporate world is really about efficiency and a lot of style. And Protoss is exactly the theme for you if you are on the lookout for that corporate look for your website. The designers of this awesome theme really thought things through when they came up with this theme for WordPress, and have really left no stone unturned.

One of the main features of this theme is the responsive design. No matter what the display medium is, all pages are in perfect quality and clarity, be it on a desktop or a mobile device. The graphics are really clear and sharp, and no matter what the device is on which it is opened, the icons and everything else always appear in crystal clear clarity. Also, there are a lot of language files that come with the theme, and you can have your fun with them when you are using the theme.

The theme also comes with a responsive slider, which is built-in, and you can sequence your website with cool effects and have other customizing options too. Also, there are other really dynamic sidebars, which let you set widgets as you prefer, and in the pages you would like to. Apart from all this, you get three page themes, which allow for unlimited variations in the overall design. And the theme is built on the Bootstrap framework, and has all the features you can hope for. There is also a short code generator for Google maps and other features of Bootstrap.

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