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ProFoto is a really simple but highly useful portfolio template which is ideal for use by people who are interested in photography. If you are planning to set up a photography portfolio blog, then this template is the best bet you have.

One of the best features of this template is the Shared Bar it comes with, which really helps get your blog into prominence. Basically, with this bar, those who visit your blog can share your blog with friends, so that they can also pay your blog a visit.

Apart from this, the template has a gallery of features, which are really neat and nifty. Built on the SMT framework, you can really have your way with the template, and can easily configure your blog site. And one of the best features is the Dynamic Content Loader, which allows you to load new posts, without actually having to reload the page. And there are lots of custom sidebars, which really come in handy when you are planning the layout of your website pages. And the presence of a Social bar helps the visitors of your blog to share your articles effortlessly. And as far as translation needs go, there is a feature which helps you translate the entire content of your blog, with the use of just one page which is there in the administration panel.

Also, one really useful feature is the anti-spam feature, which helps protect your site from all kinds of spam, where the visitors will not have to scrutinize the captchas.

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