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A stylish, dark WordPress theme with green design elements, GadgetPoint is a great option for websites that deal with gaming, technology, and Internet culture. With a layout and color scheme that allows for easy reading and navigation, this theme is one of the top picks for text-heavy websites that deal with technology topics.

Users will immediately notice that GadgetPoint foregoes the cliché Web2.0 style in favor of something more appropriate for content-based websites. While it still has a large HTML5 slider displaying the most recent posts and pages, the theme is light on needless design elements and far more focused on easy navigation and reading.

GadgetPoint pits white text against a black background, with the text relatively easy to read and site information clearly displayed. While white designs are certainly the more aesthetically pleasing of the two shades, the black and white combination that is used on GadgetPoint makes the site much better for long posts and mass reading.

A simple sidebar is integrated into GadgetPoint’s design, which includes a dated list of recent posts, several small areas for video content, as well as room for tags, page categories, and even a calendar. The theme also includes a large bottom bar which can be used to display posts, tags, a calendar, and social networking profiles.

While GadgetPoint certainly won’t win any awards for Web2.0 design, its clean and attractive design makes it great for content-driven websites. Whether your blog is all about technology, gaming, or even music, this great theme will make it a pleasure for your readers to consume your content.

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