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eBook – A WordPress Theme for Responsive, Promotional Website

eBook –  A WordPress Theme

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Promote your eBook in style using eBook – a powerful WordPress theme designed from the ground up for informational product websites and eBook authors. One of the few WordPress themes designed solely for informational products, eBook is an excellent theme that balances information and promotional design very well.

eBook’s simple layout makes it a perfect platform for promoting your new eBook or digital product. Add custom product images to the homepage and create a powerful sales page for your product. Use built-in ‘call to action’ buttons to direct users to an product page or your own custom long-form eBook sales letter.

Built to strike a balance between providing information and optimizing your direct-response marketing efforts, eBook is a theme that’s both promotional and great for displaying relevant information. Below the promotional module on the homepage, you’ll find a great content module and simple email capture forms for list building.

Of course, the most important aspect of any promotional website is sales – a process that eBook handles very well. Designed to fully integrate with WooCommerce, using eBook as a promotional and sales theme for your new eBook, mobile application, or online service is very simple with the large amount of compatible extensions.

eBook’s inner pages are built to help you show as much information about your new book or online product as you’d like to. A simple ‘chapters’ page lets authors share a sample of their writing with their potential customers, while review page templates make adding feedback from your fans and readers a convenient breeze.

A unique theme with a very specific purpose, eBook is a great design tool for online authors and marketers looking to expand their audience and make their eBook into a hit. Whether you’re selling a valuable informational tome or a new work of fiction, this powerful and user-friendly WordPress theme is sure to help you succeed.

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