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When it comes to popular WordPress themes today, Ciola is without doubt one of the most sought after themes. One main reason why this theme is given so much preference is because of its integrated review system. The review system helps you make your website look better without much fuss. Unlike other themes Ciola helps you create a unique style for your website using the various possibilities available. Though the options available are enough to cater to your needs, you can always go for unique categories with each category having a different layout.

When purchasing a theme, the first thing that you would like to come across is a user interface that is easy to use and understand. If you are a beginner then this aspect of a theme plays a very important role and frankly speaking there is nothing that beats the Ciola at this. With over 7 different homepage modules and 4 grid modulesit is very easy for a beginner to choose a suitable module initially. The blogs can be shown in 4 different modules.

The most striking feature of this WordPress theme however is the review system. The theme provides 3 kinds of review system namely the percentage, 1-10 rating and the starts. The slideshow feature of the layout allows you to have multiple background images and this really has been a standout feature as far as layout designs are concerned.

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