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Charity – A WordPress Theme for Customization, Design Website


WordPress is known for coming up with themes and templates for every possible purpose under the sun, and now, they have come up with Charity. There are many out there who want to set up a website which serves some social welfare purpose, and this theme here is the ideal one for the job.

This theme is compatible with the WordPress versions 3.2.x to 3.4.x and 3.5.x and is built on the Cherry framework version 1.2. Among the many features that this theme has, it comes with an admin panel which really makes customization and designing the theme very easy for you, and there is a host of options you can choose from when you are setting up your website. And the best part about this theme is its responsive feature. This means that, on any display device, a desktop, tablet or a smartphone, this theme will display content and run smoothly, without any glitch.

And as for the layout design, there are two columns which more than serving your purpose for including and displaying all that you want to in your website. And this theme can be used both as a blog and a portfolio. Other features include a drop-down cart and menu, Google Web fonts, and a gallery of other amazing things.

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