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Bulletin – A WordPress Theme for Responsive, Tumblog Website

Bulletin WordPress Theme

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Bulletin is a stylish and user-friendly ‘Tumblog’ theme that’s ideal for showcasing digital artwork and photography. Designed to serve as both a gallery template and an excellent personal blog design, Bulletin effortlessly blends multimedia and text content in a user-friendly, responsive design that’s very easy on the eyes.

With a right-aligned content section, Bulletin spreads most of its information over the homepage and several inner pages. The homepage is a chronological index of recent posts and media, listing new posts vertically in a simple two-column design that makes navigating the website and accessing new posts an effortless process.

Bulletin has been designed from the ground up for rich media and stylish digital artwork. Readers can experience a fantastic design for viewing videos, and web developers can enjoy unlimited possibilities when it comes to site content. Add video, full-resolution images, and a wide variety of different text types to posts.

Similar in style to Tumblr weblogs, Bulletin is designed to allow visitors to easily isolate certain blog categories. The left-aligned navigational bar allows users to choose the type of content that they would like to view – images, videos, and link archives can all be selected using the menu, which will then tailor page content.

Bulletin uses a responsive design that expands or contracts to suit the type of device being used to display the website. On high-resolution displays, the theme makes use of three columns to display site content, whereas mobile users can enjoy a website that’s spread across one vertically scrolling column that’s very easy to read.

Designed to emulate the appearance of Tumblogs while improving on their function and design sensibilities; Bulletin is a great WordPress theme for bloggers and digital artists. Whether you’re showcasing your own art or drawing attention to someone else’s, this powerful and user-friendly WordPress theme is a great way to do it.

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