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A powerful and professional WordPress theme, ArtLine is the ideal choice for web professional and creative agencies in search of a crisp and sleek web presence. An excellent theme for online businesses with a simple focus and marketing presence, ArtLine is ideal for promoting your business and proving information to customers.

Unlike many other WordPress business themes, which immediately focus on giving visitors as much information as they can handle, ArtLine keeps things simple. Users will immediately notice the huge HTML5 content slider on the homepage, which is ideal for showing off your latest promotions or your core business services.

Further down the homepage, ArtLine makes use of a three-column grid layout that’s ideal for listing your business’s core benefits and advantages. Publish information in this section that will convince potential customers of the value in working with your company, or use it to list important benefits and features of your latest application.

While ArtLine has been styled and designed for service companies and online web developers, its simple design makes it great for promotional app websites. Use the large HTML5 content section to show off your latest creation in all its glory, and the theme’s large variety of inner pages to list information and create sales pages.

ArtLine includes a variety of inner page templates, including a full-width page that is perfect for promotional pages and long-form sales content, and a simple text content page that makes use of a customizable sidebar. The theme also includes a basic blog template that’s ideal for businesses that like to communicate with their users.

Thanks to its simple design and focus on presenting valuable information to users as soon as they reach the homepage, ArtLine is one of the best professional or business WordPress themes on the market. Whether you’re promoting an application, a small business, or your own services, ArtLine is a reliable choice.

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