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Supercars  WordPress theme

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Sleek, stylish, and built to draw attention immediately, the Supercars WordPress theme is ideal for webmasters and bloggers who write on anything about modern automobiles, technology, and engineering. With a sharp industrial theme and great user-friendly color scheme, this WordPress theme is a great choice.

Supercars offers a mix of text and media-focused design. While many WordPress templates swing too far towards focusing on rich media such as video and photo graphics, and others too far towards text-heavy content, Supercars strikes a good balance between the two with its medium-sized slider and text area.

The theme’s dark, industrial-toned color scheme makes it ideal for websites that specialize in technology and engineering writing, while a poor choice for the clean, photo-heavy Web 2.0 content that we’ve seen gain popularity recently. Automotive blogs will love this theme and its cool engine-like page design elements.

Supercars includes a medium-sized sidebar, which contains important information such as the most recent posts, the blog’s major tags and categories, and recent blog comments. The theme scales as users scroll down the page, before hitting a bottom bar that contains a calendar, social profiles, and other customizable page widgets.

While Supercars’ dark and industrial-themed design makes it a poor choice for light and modern blogs, it may be the perfect theme for automotive and engineering bloggers. From its plated chrome appearance to its cool matte textures, this blog screams cars in a way that few other automotive-themed blogs are capable of.

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