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6 WordPress Themes Predictions in 2017

As the technology and the internet usage is increasing day by day, the need of more features packed and efficient websites is increasing day by day. There is an estimate that there are more than 76 million websites around the word. As the years are growing, the wordpress themes are also getting updated with the efficient and effective features. In 2016, there were many advanced features like hamburger menus, one-page themes, responsive and mobile friendly layouts and the video background layouts. As 2016 is reaching its end, everyone has to note that wordpress themes are going to be more powerful and feature packed in the year 2017. Let us have sneak peak towards the wordpress theme trends for the year 2017.

  • Mobile First WordPress Themes

Mobile! Mobile! The future devices for surfing, it has been very clear in the recent studies that the people using the mobile phones are more than the people using the desktop for their internet usage. Google has also confirmed that it is going to specially consider the mobile friendly websites. So, the wordpress themes designers are more focused in developing the fully responsive themes that are optimized to fit to any type or size of the screen.

  • HTTPS WordPress Themes

The craze for secured websites has increased and Google is moving towards secured websites. The wordpress users are now forced to make their sites more secured and it is mandatory that all the websites should be encrypted. All of them who are planning to build the wordpress powered website have to implement HTTPS from the beginning of the development.

  • Video backgrounds

Video backgrounds is not a new concept in web development as it is already in use for many websites. But it is a total new feature for wordpress users to implement and develop the site. So, people can expect video wordpress themes with video backgrounds and video headers.

  • Multipurpose WordPress Themes Era

Now a days, everyone is expecting more out of what they are buying, this is the case with the wordpress themes too. Multipurpose wordpress themes are going to become more and more popular among the wordpress users and developers as they are going to serve for many types of websites. These themes are highly customizable and provide the freedom to easily build the website. It is also becoming famous because it is going to be a very affordable choice for many people to easily build their website with these multipurpose wordpress themes.

  • SaaS WordPress Plugins

SaaS( Software as a Service) plugins are going to be added to the wordpress themes in the year 2017. These plugins make the wordpress themes more powerful and affordable.  These Saas Plugins are different from the standalone wordpress plugins as they were filled with flaws and other security threats. To overcome these, the SaaS based plugins development is increasing day by day and going to increase a lot in the year 2017.

  • Rise in VR-Optimized WordPress Themes

VR, virtual reality is the most trending technology these as it has opened new gates of new entertainment. There are many virtual reality headsets manufactured by Oculus rift and Samsung and this is going to rise in the year 2017 such that people will be accessing their phone through these VR sets only. So, the necessity of developing the vr-optimized websites is increasing day by day.

These are the few predictions that are going to be viewed in the wordpress themes in the year 2017.So, it is sure that wordpress themes are going to reach the ultimate heights in functionality, features and security.


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