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Comic Press 2.8 – The Swanky WordPress Template for Webcomics

 Comic Press

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ComicPress 2.8 emerges as a reliable WordPress Template for Webcomics with the necessary comic display, navigation and archiving features. It has a clean neutral style which can be easily customized to your own specific taste with a little CSS knowledge.

Even if you’re not sure about doing it right yourself, the discussion page and the help forums provide assistance for all types of modifications.

Its diverse features include a choice of 5 page payouts – Standar, 3-Column, vertical, vertical 3 Column and Graphic Novel. Its accessibility is unparalleled with first, previous, next and last chapter navigations done very easily.

For display of archives, there are 5 page archive templates. This WordPress theme also has a built-in comic transcription and search option. Sidebars can be customized with comic specific Widgets. Hierarchy in storylines can be easily established with any depth level ranging from volumes to chapters.

For all creative geniuses who have complicated and involved stories to tell, ComicPress provides you with almost an endless layout option. 20 useful Widgets can be placed on 18 Widgetized areas in the chosen layout.

You can also create menu items and subcategory dropdowns without creating pages. You also have the option of creating a graphic navigation button set or simply select one from the included ones. The possibilities of creating a comic strip to your imagination’s content are endless.

You can replace the generic hover text option with a character and a dialogue balloon!

The ComicPress Companion enables you to make a new plugin for styling your theme. While styling the template, the default style remains intact so if you want to revert to the custom option, you can do that in a few clicks.

Other plugin options include easy analysis and configuration of your ComicPress theme setup. You can import bulk or create posts for an existing archive of comics. Upload comic files, without FTP, one at a time or as a multi-file zipped batch.

You can also bulk edit comic posts and easily change comic post dates/filenames. Create and organize storyline categories and most importantly, have fun with all these cool features!

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