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So you’re looking to make a website with a professional zing to it. Pagelines is the perfect WordPress template for the web to help you make headway into professional web-design.

It is installed as a theme in WordPress, which means that you get WP’s advanced content- management capability with its 16000 plugins! Incontestably, its greatest feature is its online market store which enables you to buy and sell almost anything you need for your website.

The template is built so you can browse through it from your computer or phone. The framework will dynamically respond to the resolution of your browser or device. It also gives you great flexibility to arrange your content – just drag and drop to set your content layout dimensions.

You can select from 5 layout options on a page-by-page basis. Changing your website’s typography never got easier. This template gives you the freedom to choose from over 50 safe Google fonts.

Economize on time with the section-cloning feature. This helps you to duplicate sections multiple times on the same page.

With the color control feature, you can change the palette of your entire site in a matter of seconds. Change layout modes and background images with the simple click of a mouse. In 2.0, there are additional features to help you control special categories with greater ease.

Build your website with any plan or dream that you’ve had, without getting tied up in confusing codes. With the introduction of the Pagelines store, it is now possible to design without limits.

You can even generate some income by building features, themes, custom sections and selling them through the store. As a customer, you are promised full support not just in the buying process, but through your entire experience of building your dream website.

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