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The Smpl WordPress Theme Is Simple and yet Powerful

Smpl WordPress Theme

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The Smpl wordpress theme is very clean, simple and powerful. It is a wordpress template that features a fine blend of modernism and expert coding.


This Smpl wordpress template is used mainly for the development of websites dealing with eCommerce business. It is a very professional and elegant looking wordpress theme that can be used for building any regular site as well.


The Smpl wordpress theme features a responsive design and a customizable portfolio section apart from its main contents. It has in-built SEO plug-ins and optimization that helps in the higher and better ranking of your website in the search engines.

It includes various color styles that you can choose from in order to design your website according to the look and feel of your desire. It also features a unique and customizable sidebar with highly customizable widgets that help in the better maintenance and designing of your website.

It supports auto resizing of your thumbnail images and apart from the analytics codes from Google. It is compatible with all modern browsers like Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

It gives a customizable layout for the homepage design along with localization support for the translation of the web contents for the ease of your visitors. A responsive flexislider is provided with this theme that helps in the highlighting of the images and the main contents of your website.

The theme also provides Woo customized navigation in order to customize the navigation of your themes. It includes any powerful shortcodes that help in the better designing of your website. The theme incorporates powerful options on the admin panel to maintain full control on your website.

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